ipmisc 6.0.2 Unreleased

  • Minor improvements to function documentation.

ipmisc 6.0.0 2021-02-13

  • Removes specify_decimal_p alias for format_num.

  • Re-exports %T>% operator from magrittr.

  • In long_to_wide_converter function, the argument spared is ignored when paired = FALSE.

ipmisc 5.0.2 2021-01-09

  • Removes crayon from dependencies.

ipmisc 5.0.1 2020-12-08

  • Temporarily re-export the crayon function to salvage the ggstatsplot ecosystem.

ipmisc 5.0.0 2020-12-07

  • Retires vestigial easystats_to_tidy_names in favor of insight::standardize_names.

  • Removes color function re-exports from crayon as they are no longer used anywhere in the ggstatsverse.

  • Removes outlier_df function as it is only relevant for ggstatsplot.

  • Removes set_cwd function in favor of encouraging using here::here().

  • Removes signif_column function as ggstatsplot no longer uses asterisks-based conventions anywhere to display p-values.

ipmisc 4.1.0 2020-10-25

  • long_to_wide_converter gains subject.id argument to avoid #13.

ipmisc 4.0.0 2020-10-05

  • specify_decimal_p no longer shows p-values less than 0.001 as `"<

0.001"`, but rather in scientific notation.

  • p_value_formatter function is removed as it is no longer used in the ggstatsverse.

ipmisc 3.2.0 2020-09-13

  • Hosts easystats_to_tidy_names function here now instead of broomExtra package. This helps make the tidyBF package lighter in terms of dependencies.

ipmisc 3.1.0 2020-06-19

  • Minor refactoring of long_to_wide_converter. It gains spread argument. When set to FALSE, the original dataframe will be returned with the NA’s removed.

  • New helper function p_value_formatter.

ipmisc 3.0.0 2020-05-31

  • Removes the unused sort_xy function. This removes forcats from imports.

  • Removes the unused normality_message and shapiro_message functions.

  • Removes the unneeded movies_wide and movies_long datasets.

ipmisc 2.0.0 2020-04-11

  • New function: stats_type_switch.

  • signif_column now explicitly returns a dataframe.

  • The following function are no longer re-exported from broomExtra to remove it from imports: tidy, glance, augment, and easystats_to_tidy_names. This gets rid of dependence on broomExtra.

  • bartlett_message and normality_message function lose output argument. They now always return a message.

  • Minimum R version needed is bumped to R 3.6.0.

ipmisc 1.2.0 2020-03-06

  • Re-exports easystats_to_tidy_names from broomExtra.

  • Fixes tests for the new release of tibble.

ipmisc 1.1.0 2020-02-09

  • Re-export tibble::as_tibble and color functions from crayon.

  • New function: easystats_to_tidy_names, sort_xy.

ipmisc 1.0.0 2020-02-06

  • Initial release of the package.